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Japanese Meridian Therapy/ 

Japanese Meridian Therapy is a style of acupressure and non-insertion acupuncture that helps move Qi/Ki/Prana/Energy through the various meridian channels of the body.  This practice can be very helpful in balancing energy throughout the body and leading to a more holistic and complete level of healing

Japanese Meridian Therapy, or Toyohari acupuncture, originated in Japan with the skilled hands of blind practitioners such as, Toshio Yanagishita, who are able to feel the Qi/Ki/Prana/Energy within the meridian systems, and move this energy with needles that are not inserted into the skin.  I have a keen sense of touch that has been developed through stimulation of touch receptors from infancy, as well as hand coordination through my artwork as soon as I could hold a medium.  This conditioning has left me with a heightened awareness that lends well to practicing Toyohari.  


This practice harmonizes Ki by listening to your body, and releasing energy blockages, so that flow is returned to the system.  This practice also involves the balancing of chakras and meridians, to avoid disfunction before it moves down into a physical manifestation of symptoms/ illness.  It is a true "preventative" technique in this way.   I practice this technique with bio current acupressure and direct contact with the skin.  This treatment does not involve insertion of needles. 

I also incorporate my skills as a Reiki practitioner into all sessions for effective interaction with your body on an energetic level. 

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