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In my work with athletes and guests at remote lodges, I strive to provide quality manual therapy that helps rejuvenate and reset the body after a long day of activity. When you are on vacation, you want to be at your best, and if you are like me, you probably need a bit of rejuvenation from playing all day in the land of the midnight sun! 

If skiing, riding, hiking, or fishing aren't part of your normal weekly activities, your body will likely tire from a couple days of getting after it far more quickly than you would expect. Even if you are really fit, you may be working muscles that you don't normally use by repetitively casting, reeling, or carving down the mountains, run after run.

I have provided my massage and manual therapy services, as well as culinary expertise, around the globe (locations listed below), and am always interested in new adventures on the horizon. I have my Wilderness First Responder Certification (WFR) and private pilot license, single engine. 

I can be available on contract basis for special athletic events, group tours and vacations, as well as private, on location events around the world.  I have worked with elite athletes, weekend warriors, and tour companies to provide specialized advanced manual therapy so you and your clients can meet bold athletic goals. 



Backcountry and Remote Location Massage and Manual Therapy

  • Global Lines Bike Tours, Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany, Italy, September 2010.
    Massage and logistical support services.

  • Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Judd Lake, Alaska. February - April 2011.
    Massage and domestic support services.

  • Talahiem Lodge, Middle Talachulitna River, Alaska. September 2011.
    Massage, domestic support, Sous Chef, and Lead Chef.

  • Winter Lake Lodge, Finger Lake, Alaska. March 2012.
    Massage services.

*Remote location rates vary, please contact me for more information. 

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