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If you'd like to post a quote, just contact me by email.  I would love to have your support!  Thank you, kindly!!

"Nicole is already a master practitioner.

I suffered from right side neural pain radiating from neck to right shoulder & down that arm for most of my adult life— since college certainly. I’d seen any number of masseuses, body workers, neurologists, etc. ‘A pinched nerve’ was what seemed the best explanation, ‘palliative care only’. Looking for a new, local myofacial practitioner, I found Nicole online. Walked into her office, she asked me to stand facing away from her. She touched my head & my shoulder lightly. “It’s the liver” she said. And it was!  Not liver function problems, but that my liver was somewhat mechanically twisted & throwing off my musculoskeletal system. For most of my life. Four treatments later I am basically cured. I am Forever grateful to Gratitude Healing Arts. "

- S.H., Corvallis, OR

"You have helped me on so many levels.

I need to express my gratitude to you. After our session on Monday I was sore and was having a ton of adjustments happen. I took a salt bath per your suggestion.  The next morning I woke up and had so much more mobility in my lower back and hips. I haven't been able to dance in years and I feel like I am finally getting my structure and alignment back; and the emotional impact is tremendous. I will definitely get my appointments booked asap.

Thank you infinitely, you healer you."

-J.R., Anchorage, AK

"Niki is outstanding. I have a problem with my hip flexor that has developed into a monster. I was limping and in constant pain. I've done 1, 1.5hr session with her and noted about 40% improvement with just that treatment. Incredible! It felt like she was literally unraveling my muscle. It was not a traditional massage nor was it like chiropractic therapy. It was gentle manipulation that released some very serious tension. At times, that is uncomfortable but Niki informed me of this and I was prepared. I was shocked the results from the slight amount of pressure! 
I have put off going for help with this problem because I didn't know what type of treatment to get. Niki's confidence in her technique and ability to help was not misplaced. I will be back for a few more sessions so I can make it back to 100% Thank you Niki!"

~Ellen Maloney, Events Manager, 49th State Brewery

“I feel pretty lucky to have found Nicole. She has a unique gift in helping people heal. She has been and continues to help keep me doing the things I love. I enjoy competitively Mountain Running, doing Crossfit and Triathlons. I work my body hard and Nicole has helped me time and time again getting through my injuries. I originally began seeing her for planters fasciitis which I don't have anymore because of her help. She has also has helped me with my shoulder issues, my psoas, along with my neck. She is currently helping my husband and gaining headway with his Achilles tendon pain. These are all common issues for athletes and she keeps us trucking along.

She continues to invest in learning and honing her techniques and regularly travels to attend specialized courses. I appreciate her devotion to help people.

I recommend her to my friends on a regular basis. Injuries are annoying and can hold you back from what you enjoy and love to do. Nicole continues to help keep me doing what I love so I can continue being active and climbing mountains.”

Charlotte Edmondson, Anchorage, AK

“I am a fairly active man in my mid-fifties. I regularly participate in yoga, tennis, golf, Pilates, softball, alpine skiing, hiking, and running. I routinely find that these activities often lead to muscle pain, joint stiffness, and “tweakiness” in the lower back. Rest does not always provide relief, since the muscles seem to want to tighten, reducing flexibility even further.

Since I am not going to stop participating in these activities, and living on ibuprofen is not a good solution, the next step is to find some way to relieve the stiffness. This often takes the form of physical manipulation, be it massage, Rolfing, or myofascial release.

For the past several years I have been working with Gratitude Healing Arts and Nicole Keane to treat this recurring physical challenge. I have found that she possess an intuitive sense for pinpoint the source of pain and stiffness, and that while using a modest amount of pressure, has been able to consistently provide relief and recovery from my many activities. I have recommended her to many of my friends and would recommend her services to anyone seeking relief from muscle pain and joint stiffness.”


Alex Slivka, Anchorage, AK

“Nicole Keane of Gratitude Healing Arts applies knowledge and zeal to her manual therapy work. From my own personal experience through her manual therapy work I’m seeing positive outcomes and resolution of neck tension accumulated over the years and intermittent migraines which had escalated recently due to heightened computer use as our Medical Practice transitioned to an Electronic Medical Record. The myofascial release techniques are safe, comfortable and effective. Nicole’s manual therapy also extends to the endocrine system. A combination of some manual therapy on my thyroid and personal dietary changes I’m baring witness to increased focused energy.”

Jane E Simono, MD, Anchorage, AK

“I have been dealing with fascial pain for the last six months, stemming from slipping on the ice. For months, I tried various treatments that ultimately were unsuccessful. These included several different migraine specific medications, such as Imitrex, Maxalt, Relpax, Cambia and Frova. Additionally, I received trigger point injections into the muscles of the mid back and neck and occipital nerve blocks. None of these provided any symptomatic relief. I also began physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. Improvement from these therapies were mild at best. Finally, I sought the help of a dentist to evaluate me for temporal-mandibular joint disorder. Afterwards, I was referred to a physical therapy specialist and given multiple mouth guards to help alleviate this issue. The specialist told me that my “disc was displaced” and would need to have it put back into place. After several sessions, this was accomplished. Unfortunately, my facial pain continued and she ultimately told me that I had a muscular issue and that the TMJ was not involved anymore. At this point, she told me I had one of three choices. Either conservative treatment such massage, Botox injections or surgery. This is when I crossed paths with Nicole to try myofascial release. I’ve been very impressed with her overall knowledge of the facial muscles, and for the first time in six months I have been seeing improvement in my symptoms. Her knowledge of anatomy is evident when she is preforming treatments. No two treatments have been the same, as she continually adapts her treatment plan to accommodate for the changes being made. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is experiencing any type of facial pain associated with temporal-mandibular joint disorder, or any other type of myofascial pain. She’s very easy to communicate with when it comes to discussing new symptoms and will focus on areas that you request.”

J.C., Anchorage, AK 

"I suffer with pain on the right side of my neck, jaw and shoulder; Nicole is the only person who has been able to relieve this pain while respecting such a delicate area." 


~ Linda P. professional singer/teacher

'I've only seen you for 3 visits and I feel you are very knowledgeable and know how to work out my my muscle pain in my legs and low back with your special techniques.. You have already taken away muscle pain in my legs that was there for several months...I thank you for that. 
I look forward to our next appointment for more relief of my muscle pain.'


~ Lori G., CDL Coach Driver

"Nicole is the best manual therapist I've ever encountered! Her medical awareness, knowledge, and expertise is readily apparent in her technique. Nicole's abilities allow for the efficiency and customization that I've longed for since my thoracotomy and now I feel a strong sense of hope for future sessions because I know she will actually be able to get the jobs that I need done! Groupon is meant to bring fresh business around as well introduce potential clients to a service they haven't found worth making a commitment. I will be returning as a regular client to Gratitude Healing Arts and I can hardly wait for my next appointment! Thanks, Nicole!!" 


~ Brock Hemsouvanh

"Nicole is a very gifted myofascial therapist, and has a natural healing instinct. I highly recommend her."  
~ Anonymous Client

"I would highly recommend Gratitude Healing Arts. Best deep tissue massage I've ever had. Very professional and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks!" 
~ R. Moore, Engineer

"Very wonderful medical massage. Great hospitality and nice facilities."
~ Anonymous Client

"Nicole was awesome and very knowledgeable in her field. I definitely plan on returning to see her again!" 
~ Anonymous Client

"Nicole was very professional and clearly is well educated, making for a very professional session focused on addressing painful areas/problem areas of the body. I left feeling better than I have in a very long time and have already scheduled another appointment with her."
~ Anonymous Client

"Ms. Keane has extensive healing experience and training which allows her to effect restorative change to my body. I have had several sessions and can highly recommend her services. She also supplies nutritional counseling and makes very effective recommendations for me."

~ Michael Rosenboom, Engineer

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