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Nutrition and Herb


At your request, I can provide a complete evaluation and consultation of your current nutrition style, based on Western holistic nutrition theory, Chinese 5 Element, and Ayurvedic traditional medical philosophy.  I tailor all of my nutritional suggestions to each individual, in order to help them achieve their personal wellness goals. I also offer well researched and intuitive herbal protocols that may enhance your path to healthier living.   

For those just beginning the transition to eating healthier, we will start slow, with moderate changes and specific recipe suggestions or modifications, as well as informed purchasing advice.  For those already eating quite healthy, and aware of how diet changes affect their lifestyle, I can offer a refinement to your daily choices that will help harmonize your body with the stresses of daily life and the changing of the seasons.  

I have  studied with the Maryland University of Integrative Health in their Masters of Nutrition and Integrative Health program, with a concentration in Herbal Medicine. Most of my research has involved the effects of stress on our neuroendocrine system, and how to best manage daily stress loads while crawling out from under the weight of chronic adrenal fatigue.  Modifications in diet, lifestyle, and specific herbal protocols can help increase energy and performance in daily life, as well as enhance athletic activity.  I enjoy working with those facing chronic fatigue, as well as high performance athletes and weekend warriors, as they progress through their careers.  Enhanced nutrition and smart herbal choices can benefit anyone, no matter what your level of activity. 

All consultations include an initial interview, intake questionnaire, specific client centered research, and a wellness package for you to take home.  Follow up interviews are encouraged, as well as manual therapy and visceral manipulation to help your body adjust to changes in your microbiome and the detoxification that may happen during the integration process. Wellness packages include suggestions on food and herbs that may benefit your overall wellness, or help you reach a performance goal, as well as various recipes that you are sure to love!  

When scheduling your personalized consultation, please select initial consultation for your first visit, or the desired length for follow up, as appropriate. For more information, please email:, or contact through the form on this website by clicking here. 

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