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The Tao of The Polyvagal Theory: A Five Element Perspective for a Future of Healing the Spirit and Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, explores  the relationship between the Five Elements, of Asian medical theory, and the role that trauma plays within the Autonomic Nervous System. The path of an ancient Taoist concept of the Spirit, is set into a landscape illustrated with modern views of how the nervous system responds to distress.

Within this manual, several new concepts are presented that assist in the evolution of the Five Element practice, and establish new paradigms for how to address emotional and physiological healing of the internal environment. New treatment theories: the Tan Cycle and the Yu Angles, are described in detail within the chapters, and emphasis is placed on the integrity of yin and yang energies to support and lift each other, throughout  the transformational process of inner balance. 

Book Cover The Tao of the PolyVagal Theo

This book also contains illustrations and photographs that are meant to be used as healing meditations, as well as several schematics designed to help medical practitioners, of all disciplines, implement the treatment theories presented into their respective practices.  The theory illustrated through these simple schematics is very helpful when consulting with a client that has a history of emotional or physical trauma, or significant microbial/energetic imbalance, that may be affecting the Autonomic Nervous System. In these cases, the body and tissues may 'hide' relevant information from the practitioner, in order to perpetuate this state of imbalance. Working with the physical tissues associated with the Elements, through the Tan Cycle, and the Yu Angles, may provide a gentle, non re-traumatizing pathway toward efficient healing, by physically lifting the veil of the trauma response.


Downloads of several schematics contained in the book are available with purchase of the eBook and print book. A free copy of the eBook will be given for each print book purchase, so you can start reading after purchase while you are waiting to receive your physical book. 

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