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The Safe and Sound Listening Protocol (SSP) 

The SSP is an FDA approved Vagus Nerve stimulation device developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, creator of the Polyvagal Theory, in coordination with the company Integrated Listening Systems (iLS), a leader in therapeutic devices used by Occupational Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, and Psychological Therapists of various disciplines.  


The SSP works by providing the listener with digitally remastered songs, tailored specifically to strengthen and tone the inner ear muscles and nerves.  This gentle sound therapy is incredibly profound, and has a wide range of effects from enhanced mental focus and increased clarity of hearing, to helping balance the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) processes of digestion, and emotional regulation.  This therapy has been clinically proven to help increase physical and mental relaxation, decrease negative stress response, and assist in facilitating better emotional regulation in children and adults. The applications of this gentle therapy are far reaching, with many positive ripple affects system wide. Although this is a gentle therapy, adults and children with a history of trauma, and those currently symptomatic of emotional or physical PTSD, should be very careful when participating in this healing modality, and work with a certified professional through the whole course of treatment, to get the most out of the therapy, as well as receive the sense of safety that a trained professional can provide. As the nervous system relaxes with this auditory stimulation, occasionally a stress response can be triggered in the nervous systems of individuals that are not used to feeling relaxation. This can be easily assessed and mitigated for when working with a properly trained provider. 

I, Nicole Keane, MS LMT, have participated in all of the required trainings for the SPP, and am certified to deliver the program, in person or remotely through video conferencing, as required. Moreover, I have been trained several modalities of advanced manual therapy and body awareness through over 20 years of practice and educational endeavors including, but not limited to: Polyvagal Informed Cranial, Visceral, and Neural Osteopathic techniques; 5 Element Asian medical theory; Pediatric specific manual therapy; and Pre, Post, and Peri Natal Massage therapy. 

I have had clinical experiences of the the SSP being extremely affective in improving:

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • Chronic Neck and Upper Back Pain

  • Chronic Headaches

  • Dismenorrea and Irregular Periods

  • Nutritional Imbalances (through the balancing of the ANS and appropriate digestive enzyme and hormone regulation)

  • Excessive Urination (likely through hormone regulation)

  • Attention Deficit Issues In Children and Adults

  • Trauma Release and Next Level Healing of Historical Traumatic Experience

  • Symptoms of Post Concussive Syndrome

  • Symptoms of PTSD

  • Symptoms Associated with the Autistic Spectrum

  • Social Engagement Difficulties in Children and Adults, and

  • General Hearing Difficulties

The first round of SSP is a total of 5 hours listening time, spread out in sections based on your personal history, availability, and how your nervous system integrates the therapy. I will work with you to determine the best flow for your treatment. Any subsequent treatment rounds may be only 2-3 hours long, depending on the circumstances. 


If you are interested in finding out whether SSP would be helpful for you, please contact me for a free consultation today!  Also, you may enjoy the link below to the PDF of the Free ebook: Why Effective Processing and Regulation are the Essential Foundation for Health. 

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