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Structural Integration 

Structural Integration is a therapeutic method that involves the combination of several modalities. Treatments include myofascial release, traction, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue sculpting techniques that work together to realign structural imbalances. Common structural issues include: forward head posture, rounded shoulders, imbalance in the natural kyphotic and lordotic curves of the spine, and anterior and posterior tilt of the pelvis.  

Superficial and Deep Myofascial techniques are used to release tension and open blocked and guarded areas of the soft tissue to facilitate realignment of the structural skeleton. Several treatment sessions ranging in time from 50 minutes to 80 minutes are encouraged in order to create meaningful change in the posture of the body.  After the initial consultation massage, a treatment schedule will be suggested.  Packages are available for patients that are participating in a schedule of treatments to correct a specific structural or soft tissue problem.  


90 minute appointments are recommended for this modality. Major shifts can be achieved within 2-5 sessions. 

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