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We need to shift the focus from immunity to Resilience!

The Poly Vagal Perspective of Coronavirus and COVID - 19 

We are in the midst of a societal evolution, and a paradigm shift of life and our view of human resilience as we have known it!  Our financial structures are evolving, our sense of community is evolving, what we know about the body is evolving, and what we know about Resilience is about to shift completely on many levels, both in physiology, and the World as a whole, on quantum levels both within and outside of our human bounds!


I have been studying the work of Dr. Stephen Porges, and the Poly Vagal Theory for several years now, and applying it to the work I do in Manual Therapy.  I wrote this short paper that may be of some benefit to you when considering how to best support your  friends and family at this time. Please feel free to share with anyone that you think may be interested in this perspective. It was a quick push for me, as I am deep in work developing the classes I have been working on right now, on clinical manual therapy applications of the PolyVagal Theory, but I wanted to get something out about this perspective that is a little out of the box for the medical establishment, especially when everyone is focused on survival and so many medical professionals are so stressed right now, in so many ways.. Please note that I do not recommend just buying these supplements and starting to take them, if you do not have anyone you are consulting with currently that has a knowledge of functional medicine and nutrition. Some of these supplements may interact with prescription medication, and some of these supplements may not be appropriate for everyone. 


I am available for remote consultation to help you decide the best plan of care. I have an account with a leading supplement and vitamin retailer, which allows me to order supplements and drop ship them to my clients. I also pass along my discount to all the people I work with. If you or someone you know is interested in working with me to make a plan of care that works with your health goals, and something you can integrate with your primary care physician's recommendations, please be in touch! 


Also, my cousin just shared with me this video with me of my Aunt doing a very interesting and informative presentation on the virus. She is an Epidemiologist for the South Dakota State University. It is a very interesting presentation on the pandemics of the 20th and 21st centuries. Lots of facts and statistics, very well researched and informative.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments. And let me know if you are able to help me out with this question. 

Be well! With Gratitude! 

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