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Qiga (pronounced chEE-gA) is a movement based integration modality that blends Qi Gong, Yoga, and Acupressure, to balance the energy meridians of the body. The practice is based in Five Element theory, as practiced in reference to the lifting and supporting energy flow described within the Tan Cycle and the Yu Angles. These treatment models are described in more detail within the book 'The Tao of the Polyvagal Theory.'

Qiga movements will assist in clear flow of energy through the meridians and divergent channels of the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal/Air, and Water Elements. This practice is intended to add to the hands on treatment modality of Elemental Manual Meridian Techniques (EMMT), to assist in achieving balance and resilience within the Autonomic Nervous System.

Playful, inspired movement is such a therapeutic essential for our daily self care, and the building blocks of resilience. Qiga is a way to bring a kind of healing, integrative collection of movements to adults, as well as children, to support a daily practice that builds our capacity for self regulation. And doing Qiga with friends is a great way to co-regulate in the presence of others! This is a practice that is so helpful to refer to during the stressful times of life, to assist in balance and flow of energy through the body. 

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