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Gene Keys and Five Element
Amino Acid Evaluation

This evaluation is an addition to the Integrative Nutritional Consultations that I offer. It can be very transformational. Research, evaluation, and consultation may be done on a remote basis over the phone or HIPPA secure telehealth platform.


It is recommended that you purchase a copy of the Gene Keys book, which may provide you with very insightful information about your path in life, and aid in a more holistic healing process. 


This specific evaluation has been very beneficial for everyone that I have consulted with, including myself, and has the potential to lead to you to a truly transformational experience in healing from your chronic health issues, or make great contributions to your over all wellness as you travel on your path through life.


The esoteric aspects of the Gene Keys were developed by Richard Rudd, and are somewhat similar to the study of "Human Design." The contemplative individualized information presented in the Gene Keys is relative to the practice of soul evolution and inner healing and growth.  The Gene Keys also bring to a greater light, the ancient awareness given within the iChing.

Each of the "keys" given in your Gene Keys evaluation correspond to an amino acid. I will review these amino acids, and research how these specific aminos, or their associated counter aminos, relate to the chronic health issues that you are currently healing through.


Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and our DNA and neurotransmitters are made of proteins. These aspects of our physiology have enormous impacts to our homeostatic processes and Autonomic Nervous System (inner balance).


It is my philosophy that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, if given the opportunity. During times of stress, elevated emotional or environmental toxin load, or as a result of physiological gene expression, our bodies may not produce the required amounts of amino acids for proper functioning...


In these cases "non-essential" amino acids, i.e. those that under "normal" conditions, with "normal" physiological functioning, our bodies can make plenty of, become "conditionally essential;" meaning our bodies may not make enough... leading to acute or chronic illness.


I have seen this process manifest through my clients in many conditions from acid reflux, to high cholesterol, to nervous system disorders, to "idiopathic" skin conditions... the affects of amino acid disregulation reach far and wide.    


Being in a state where we have the proper amounts of the right amino acids for our physiology is essential to maintaining proper regulation of gene expression.  Transformational healing from chronic and autoimmune illness may be facilitated by proper supplementation of essential, or conditionally essential amino acids.  

I'll share with you, briefly, my experience: I had a major mercury toxicity event in 2015 from the replacement of a very large old filling in the farthest back molar, right by my Trigeminal nerve ganglion. This toxicity caused an extreme and sudden depletion in the vitamin B-12. My mysterious symptoms of swelling, rashes, fatigue, lack of cognition, were all misdiagnosed and left the allergy specialists scratching their heads, prescribing me steroid creams. 


I was taking a VERY large dosage of B-12 injection into my muscle every day to be able to live a somewhat normal life. With the Gene Keys evaluation I did for myself, I discovered that I was in need of the amino acid L- Serine. The lack of L-Serine was preventing my body from integrating the vitamin into my cells!


I started taking this amino acid and was able to reduce my B-12 intake to one injection every week and a half. This was a HUGE quality of life improvement. I have now completed my detoxification, 5 years later (as of 2020), and I am no longer needing B-12 injections on a regular basis. 

The potential unlocked by the Gene Keys Amino Acid evaluation could very well shift your experience of your illness and your life. I look forward to sharing my thesis with you and I hope to help you find some answers to the health questions that have been a mystery on your journey.

If you are a current medical practitioner or nutritional therapist, and would like training on the thesis I have created for how to interpret and evaluate the Amino Acid information given by the Gene Keys, please contact me to set up a personal mentorship consultation. 

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