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Taro Cards:

    The Vegetable Oracle


Taro Cards are a hybrid "Tarot" and Oracle deck that can be used much like a traditional Tarot card deck, for purposes of divination, or to just help you choose what to eat. This deck also comes with a guidebook that lists the divine properties of each vegetable as they relate to your nutrition, and the goodness that they bring into your body with each bite!


The creation of this deck is in process, and will be available as soon as possible! If you would like your name on the waitlist to be notified of release, or if you would like to pre-order a deck to help with financing production, please contact me directly, or click the buttons on this page to purchase.


The decks will be $65. Stickers are also available pre-release, of any of the designs that have already been completed. Stickers will cost $5 each and are the heavy duty, really soft, waterproof kind that you can stick anywhere! They are around 4 inches in diameter. 


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